Armley Mills Industrial Museum

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The Armley Mills Industrial Museum is a museum of industrial heritage located in Armley, west of Leeds. It includes collections of textile machinery, railway equipment and heavy engineering amongst others.

The building housing the Armley Mills museum is one of the world's largest woollen mills. The current structures were built in 1805 and closed as a commercial mill in 1969. They were taken over by Leeds City Council and reopened as a musuem of industrial heritage in 1982.

Railway Collection

The museum has an extensive collection of narrow gauge railway rolling stock. The collection was started in 1956 when the Leeds City Museum acquired Barber from the recently closed Harrogate Gasworks Railway. A short display line is installed at Armley allowing some of the collection to run.


Name Builder Gauge Type Date Works number Notes
Barber Thomas Green and Company 2 ft (610 mm) 0-6-2T 1908 ex Harrogate Gasworks Railway. Acquired 1956
Jack Hunslet 1 ft 6 in (457 mm) 0-4-0WT Acquired 1957
Lord Granby Hudswell Clarke 3 ft (914 mm) 0-4-0ST Acquired 1961
Junin Hudswell Clarke 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) 2-6-2DM 1930 The world's first commercially built diesel locomotive


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