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Want to work on a specific topic or area, with editors that are also interested in the same things as you?

Well, look no further. Here at Train Spotting World we want to cater for every Rail Fan, and so we've proposed creating some projects. The current ones are listed below, but more are in the pipeline, including Trams, Steam Traction, Stationary Steam and even one dedicated to those editors that want to make TSW a better place, the Maintenance Project.

Proposed Projects

Please help expand the list of proposed projects and also identify related/parent/child projects.

  • Workforce:City transit
    • Workforce:London Transport
    • Workforce:Metros
  • Workforce:Heritage Railways
  • Workforce:Light transit
  • Workforce:Locomotives
    • Workforce:Diesel Locomotives
    • Workforce:Electric Locomotives
    • Workforce:Steam Locomotives
  • Workforce:Modern trains
    • Workforce:Freight trains
    • Workforce:High speed trains
    • Workforce:Passenger trains
  • Workforce:Japan railways
  • Workforce:Operations (Railway rules, regs, etc,)
  • Workforce:Railway companies
  • Workforce:Railway engineering
    • Workforce:Broad Gauge
    • Workforce:Narrow Gauge
    • Workforce:Standard Gauge
    • Workforce:Stationary Steam
    • Workforce:Tracks
  • Workforce:Rail Fiction
  • Workforce:Railways in developing countries
  • Workforce:Remote railways
    • Workforce:Mountain railways
  • Workforce:Stationary Steam
  • Workforce:Stations

Current Projects:

How to join

To join a project, add your name to the list there.