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This is being discussed at The Station Cafe because it does not yet meet all needs. Please read the discussion there and add to it whatever you wish. The finished article should reflect consensus reached there.

Policies are strict rules that must be observed either for legal reasons (such as usage of copyrighted material[1]) or to ensure the smooth operation of the wiki (and avoid edit wars) -- for example, the policy on Fan Fiction falls into this latter category.

Guidelines also exist to suggest an appropriate course of action, editing style, or manner of behaviour that would be appreciated by other users of the wiki for community discussions and user actions. Note that guidelines are not 'enforced', but users not following them may well find that other users do not appreciate this rebellious attitude, with the result that contentious edits may be reverted to comply with the guidelines.

However, in any situation, a user should use their common sense and/or consult the community rather than strictly stick to the guidelines, if the guidelines are found to be inappropriate.

Keep it simple

Here at TSW, users should keep things simple and avoid bureaucracy. Common sense should be applied wherever necessary. We want to try and avoid formal processes wherever possible.

Keep it friendly

Here at TSW, we want to create a friendly community who can enjoy themselves creating a good resource for rail fans everywhere.


  1. Laws of the country you are viewing this site from, the country this site operates from, and the country where this site is hosted (the location may vary from time to time) must be observed. For example, we may not use copyright material without either a proper Fair Use Rationale, or formal permission from the copyright owner. This is a matter of legality. Material that breaks this policy may be removed without notice. Useful reference points include:
     • Help:Using copyrighted material
     • Copyright infringement
     • SpottingWorld:Copyrights