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Trainorama 44 Class

Trainorama is a prominent manufacturer of model railway products based on Australian prototype railways.

The company now known as Trainorama was originally formed in 2003 as the Australian registered company known as "Ozmodco Pty Limited". It came into being for the purpose of manufacturing and producing scale replica models of Australian Railways in HO scale.

With this purpose in mind, the principals of Ozmodco Pty Limited ( a registered company derived from the name " Aus Model Company" ), made an offer to purchase from a deceased estate the defunct business name of "Trainorama" together with a quantity of obsolete tooling. The manufacture in China of Ozmodco's first HO scale Australian Railways outline model was the NSWGR "44 Class". The next models to follow were the RU "four wheeler" wheat hopper manufactured from re-worked old Trainorama tooling and the steel S-truck. Trainorama have subsequently produced a range of additional models based on Australian prototype.

During the period between March 2004 and April 1st 2005, negotiations to purchase the declining hobbyshop business and deceased estate known as "Tom's Discount Hobby Warehouse" located at West Ryde (Sydney), New South Wales were completed, with the ownership passing to Ozmodco Pty Limited on April 1st, 2005. From that date, it was decided to change the name of the acquired business to "Tom's Hobbies", principally because most existing customers still referred to the retail outlet in question as "Tom's", a name easily remembered. A future possibility might see a further name change to "Trainorama Hobbies", a name first registered by one of the directors of Ozmodco Pty Limited in 1975.