TECO Line Streetcar System

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A TECO streetcar picking up passengers in Ybor City.

The TECO Line Streetcar System is a streetcar line in Tampa, Florida, run by the Hillsborough Area Regional Transportation Authority and managed by Tampa Historic Streetcar, Inc.. It connects downtown to the historic Ybor City district.

The line opened on 19 October 2002. As in 2006, the line is 2.3 miles long and has 12 stations. The track is single with several passing sidings. The track is mostly right-of-way.



Tampa has had streetcars before. Electric streetcars were introduced in 1892. The streetcar reached its popularity peak in the 1920s. In 1926, almost 24 million passengers were carried. The first streetcar shut down in August 4, 1946. The first streetcar system used was the Briney safety cars and, probably, other streetcars types.

Streetcars returned to Tampa in 2002, when the 2.4 mile long heritage line was opened. In its first year of operation, the streetcar carried 420,000, 20% more than projected. In 2005 434,498 passenger used streetcar.

A new 1/3 mile long extension is being planned. It will connect Franklin Street and the Fort Brooke parking garage.

Station list

Rolling stock

The streetcar system uses modern replicas of historical Briney cars (such cars worked in Tampa 60 years ago). There are nine Briney cars now. The cars have a welded steel body, but cosmetic rivets are mounted to make them look older. The cars are accessible for wheelchair users.

Inside cars have some modern features like air conditioning and automated stop announcements.

The is also one open-air "Breezer" replica car, build in 2005.

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