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The rules

The basic rules:

  • Articles included in Portal:US Railways/Did you know must be related to rail transport in the United States.
  • The fact given in the suggestion must be in the article text.

Other thoughts to consider:

  • Editors may suggest as many different facts as they want from any article, but an article will not be featured more often than once per month.
  • Editors may suggest facts from any article that is within the scope of Workforce:US railways, whether the editor is the primary contributor to the article or not.
  • Listing a fact on this page is not a guarantee that it will be displayed on the portal.

The procedure

To nominate a fact for inclusion in the Did you know section...

1. Find an article related to rail transport in the United States with an interesting fact.
2. In the suggestions section below, add your suggestion to the bottom of the list in the following format:
{{Portal selected article image|size=100px|FILENAME|CAPTION}}
 * ...that the '''[[Foo Line Railroad]]''' was used as the example on the suggestion page? ~~~~ 
 <br clear=all />

3. Participate in any discussion about the facts you suggest here.

Using the suggestion format shown above, the portal maintainer can more easily copy and paste the item from this page to the portal. The signature (~~~~) helps the portal maintainer recognize which suggestions have been waiting the list longest and also helps other editors to find you for further discussion that might not be related to this usage. The line break (<br clear=all />) helps to separate suggestions and is especially useful when the suggestion's associated image is in vertical rather than horizontal format.

Current suggestions

  • ...that
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