Ploughing snow

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The thing about snow and railways is that it's fascinating. And videos of it are fascinating, too.

We're collecting action shots and videos of rail snow ploughs in use.

"Snow Drift at Bleath Gill"

The classic 1950s presentation from British Transport Films. Pure steam -- not a diesel in sight!! From a time when men were really men and global warming had not made a fall of snow in England a rare and welcome pleasure...
(Running time: approx 9 mins) {{{1}}}


Oscar-nominated feature about coping with snow on British Railways
– another classic presentation from British Transport Films.
(c: 7' 48")

Snow plowing on the Kyle Railroad

The Kyle Railroad


Plowing snow from Goodland, KS to Limon, CO

Plowing snow at Goodland Ks. on the Kyle Railroad.

Took a total of 6 units to get unstuck. This was between Genoa & Limon Co. on the Kyle Railroad.

Steam-powered Rotary Plough

The story of the Return of Rotary #1 Steam Powered Snow Plow at the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad (23 mins). Shows restoration to working order, and in action clearing deep drifts from the White Pass (albeit propelled by diesel locos). Good documentary, somewhat marred by the strange style of the narrator.

Modern rotary plough

Union Pacific # 900082 Rotary Plow attacking drifts up to 10 feet deep in the area of Sharon Springs, Kansas (January 1, 2007). [Duration: 5'18"] (Terrific audio on this 5-minute clip!)


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On a smaller scale...


Probably the ultimate model snow ploughing...
Ride-on 1.5" scale (7" gauge) US Mogul, attacking 8" of snow.
Approx ~5min clip, complete with 'cab ride' (keep watching!) !! (Jealous!!)

Smaller still

Live steam (model) rotary plough in action

Live steam garden railway ploughing

Model of snow blower in action on garden railroad in Brno, Czech Republic

...just having fun in the garden.