Montrealer (Amtrak)

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The Montrealer was a train that went from Washington, DC, to Montreal, Quebec. It used the Northeast Corridor from Washington, DC to New London, CT, before going north to Montreal. The route was then changed to leave the Northeast Corridor from New Haven, CT north to Springfield, MA. Due to declining ridership, the Montrealer was threatened for cancellation. The State of Vermont then took partnership for the train and was renamed the Vermonter, which went as far north as St. Albans, Vermont, with a bus connection to Montreal. Unfortunately, this bus connection has been cancelled since early 2006. Montreal is now only served by the Adirondack line, connecting Canada with New York City.

The Montrealer was originally a service of the Boston and Maine Railroad, running between Montreal and Washington. The Ambassador ran the same route but terminated in New York. Both services used the B&M's Connecticut River Railroad south of South Vernon, Vermont, rather than the current route over the Central Vermont.

The name given to the southbound Montrealer until 1974 is the Washingtonian. Then both trains were given the name Montrealer. The Washingtonian was also Train 185, which came from New York and later along with most other regular trains on the Northeast Corridor, folded into one NortheastDirect in 1995.