Meadows and Lake Kathleen Railroad

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Meadows and Lake Kathleen Railroad
Locale Oregon
Dates of operation 1996 – Present
Track gauge 18 in (457 mm)
Length 5100 feet
Headquarters Deadwood

The Meadows and Lake Kathleen Railroad is a private minimum gauge railroad on 41 acres near Deadwood, Oregon, United States.

The railroad is situated on land that receives an average 100+ inches of rain a year which feed 3 creeks with trout populations and the 14 year-round springs. Owners Ray and Kathy Robinson have spent the last 11 years with help from friends building the railroad which now consists of 4 bridges, 4 trestles, a tunnel, a balloon track and a watertower with just over 5,100 feet of 18 in (457 mm) gauge track. The owners plan to eventually build a 6,000+ foot loop with two sidings, a turntable and a few spur tracks.

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