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GE Transportation Systems, formerly known as GE Rail, is a division of General Electric Infrastructure, producing equipment for the railroad industry as well as other industries requiring large propulsion systems. It is based in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Rail products

GE Transportation Systems is a major producer of diesel locomotives, for both freight and passenger applications, under the AAR reporting mark GECX. It also produces related products, such as railway signals, railway switching networks, and parts for locomotives and railroad cars, as well as providing repair services for GE and other locomotives.

Current locomotives in major production include the GE Evolution Series and the GE AC4400CW; for a complete listing see the list of GE locomotives. As of 2006, GE Transportation Systems is developing a hybrid diesel-electric locomotive to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Major passenger locomotive customers

Propulsion products

In addition to railroad locomotives and equipment, GE Transportation Systems also produces large electric motors and propulsion systems for the mining, oil drilling, marine, and wind turbine industries.

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