Fort Collins Municipal Railway

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The Fort Collins Municipal Railway that operated in Fort Collins, Colorado held several distinctions - Fort Collins was the smallest city in the United States to operate streetcars[citation needed], and was the last city in Colorado to operate streetcars (streetcar service ended in Pueblo in 1948 and the Denver Tramway terminated streetcar service in 1950). By the end of service, the railway was also the last to be using Birney streetcars, and had the lowest fares (5 cents) of any public transport system in the nation[citation needed]. The railway operated three routes and ran on a 20 minute schedule. Operations came to an end in 1951, after a couple of unprofitable years of operation. One of the FCMR streetcars has been restored to operating condition, along with one of the original routes of that railway, and operates throughout the summer months.

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