Ernest the Engine and Others

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Ernest the Engine and Others
Genre Comedy
Created by Comedy Inc.
Starring unknown
Country of origin Australia
No. of episodes 20
Running time 56 seconds-1 minute
Original channel 9
Original run 2005 – 2007

Ernest the Engine and Others is a fictional parody of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends that airs on Comedy Inc. This skit mainly consists of 3 characters, Ernest the Engine, Stevie the Steam Train, and Gale the Guards Compartment. The main component of this skit is Stevie's stuttering at inappropriate moments, resulting in words that sound like swearing.


From left to right: Gale, Ernest and Stevie


Ernest is a cart engine who lives in a yard with Stevie the Steam Train and Gale the Guards Compartment. He is the main character of the skit. He is Stevie's best friend. He wants to go out with Gale.


Stevie is a steam train who has a stuttering problem. He is Ernest's best friend. When he and Ernest (and occaisonally Gale) are talking, he stutters at an inappropriate moment and says a swear word.


Gale is a Guard's Compartment who occaisonally appears in a few skits. She is the only character that moves (not counting Ernest in the intro) and Ernest wants to go out with her.

List of skits

There are no real names for the skits, unlike Thomas and Friends, which displays the episode name in the title. On many YouTube posts, the user who uploads them mainly gives it any random name.

  • Ernest the Engine
  • Ernest Hates Trucks
  • Ernest and Stevie Talk About Dating
  • Ernest and Stevie Do Drugs
  • Gale Is Mad At Ernest
  • Stevie Masturbates

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