Copper Range Railroad

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The Copper Range Railroad (AAR reporting marks CR, COPR) was formed in 1899 in Houghton, Michigan. It ran on roughly 60 miles (100km) of trackage from Calumet, Michigan to McKeever, Michigan. The Copper Range Railroad abandoned operations on March 2 1973,[1] and was later dissolved, although the corporate entity continued on into the 1990s with a copper mine holding in White Pine, Michigan. The Copper Range Railroad served several copper mines in the Keweenaw Peninsula, also known, coincidently, as the Copper Range. The railroad enjoyed connections with the DSS&A (later Soo Line) in Houghton, and with the Milwaukee Road in McKeever, providing both passenger and freight service, as well as school train service. During the life span, the Copper Range Railroad rostered 24 steam and 3 diesel locomotives.

Copper Range #29 is currently under restoration at the Mid-Continent Railway Museum, who also own former Copper Range Railroad Coach No. 60.


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