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This article is about the passenger train City of Las Vegas; for the city, see Las Vegas, Nevada; for other uses, see the disambiguation page Las Vegas (disambiguation).
GM's Aerotrain, in service as the City of Las Vegas, makes a station stop on its way to Los Angeles in 1957.
A "drumhead" logo such as this adorned the end of the observation car on the City of Las Vegas.

The City of Las Vegas was a named passenger train operated by the Union Pacific Railroad between Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California in 1956. Train Nos. 115 and 116 initially utilized General Motors' experimental Aerotrain unitized trainset, but the Union Pacific terminated their lease within a year due to maintenance and performance issues. Service on the line continued with standard streamlined equipment painted in UP's Armour Yellow livery.

In the early 1960s the name was changed to the Las Vegas Holiday Special, when both the consist and schedule were reduced. Service was discontinued altogether in 1967.


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