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A Cargo tram is a tram that is used to transport goods over the public passenger tram network.

Historic cargo trams

  • There were freight trams in both Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. Former Wellington 301 is preserved at MOTAT in Auckland.
  • Kislovodsk had a freight-only tram system comprising one line which was used exclusively to deliver bottled Narzan mineral water to the railway station.

Current cargo trams

  • Amsterdam During March 2007, Amsterdam piloted a cargo tram operation, which could reduce particulate pollution by 20% by halving the number of lorries – currently 5,000 - unloading in the inner city during the permitted ‘window’ from 07:00 till 10:30. The pilot, operated by City Cargo Amsterdam, involved two cargo trams, operating from a distribution centre at Lutkemeerpolder, on the A10 ring motorway near the Osdorp terminus of tram no. 1. Each cargo tram can transport the load of 4 lorries (roughly 100 tonnes) to a ‘hub’ at Frederiksplein, where electric trucks deliver to the final destination. The full introduction of the service is planned for 2008
  • Dresden has a regular CarGoTram service, run by the world's longest tram trainsets (59.4 m), carrying car parts across the city centre to its Volkswagen factory.
  • Vienna and Zürich use trams as mobile recycling depots.

Future cargo trams

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