Agatsuma Line

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The Agatsuma Line (吾妻線 Agatsuma-sen?) is a local rail line in Gunma, Japan, and is part of the JR East network. Roughly following the Agatsuma River, it runs 55.6km from Shibukawa to Omae Station in Tsumagoi. It was opened in 1945 and ran from Shibukawa to Naganohara-Kusatsu-guchi. The later section was opened in 1971. The newest station is Onogami-onsen, opened in 1992.

Station List

  • Shibukawa
  • Kanashima
  • Ubashima
  • Onogami
  • Onogami-onsen
  • Ichishiro
  • Nakanojo
  • Gumma-Haramachi
  • Gohara
  • Yagura
  • Iwashima
  • Kawarayu-onsen
  • Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi
  • Gumma-otsu
  • Haneo
  • Fukurogura
  • Manza-Kazawaguchi
  • Omae

Route Data

  • Length: 55.6km
  • Gauge: 1067mm
  • Stations: 18
  • Single Track
  • Electrification: Whole Line (1500V DC)

Interesting Points

If there is anything on the Agatsuma Line, it is onsen. First and foremost, the famous Kusatsu Onsen is along the route, but also onsens abound with rustic beauty such as Shima Onsen, Sawatari Onsen, Kawarayu Onsen, and Shiriyaki Onsen can be reached by this line.

Mt. Asama, Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane, and the glorious Agatsuma Canyon are all things one can look forward to seeing on the Agatsuma Line.

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