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Crystal Bay and Kingsford Railway
Crystal Bay and Kingsford Railway
An overview of Platforms 2, 3 and 4 at Kingsford. The Bay (platform 1) can be seen branching off to the right.

Power type standard rail
Type of serviceGoods and passenger
Model builderBluegoblin7
ScaleOO Scale
Gaugeft 8½ in (1435 mm)
Number of tracks2
Train capacity4
UK Model Trains
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The Crystal Bay and Kingsford Railway is a model railway set in and around the fictional town of Kingsford. It is owned and operated by Bluegoblin7.


The Crystal Bay and Kingsford Railway is a fictional line running from somewhere on the Midland Mainline, across the Midlands to the East Cost, where it runs up the coast before joining onto the Skegness line.

In the line's hayday, it was double track throughout and saw prestigous express trains. It was slowly run down until the Beeching cuts when the line was singled and several stations closed.

Further rationalisation occured during the 80s and the line then saw only 2 DMUs a day - one in each direction.

Finally, in 1989, the line closed completely, and the crucial link as a relief route for the Midland Main Line and the East Coast Main Line was lost forever.

Or so they thought. In 1993, a group of keen enthusiasts bought the entire line from Forbes Junction to Crystal Bay, and set about re-opening the line. Thankfully, BR had never gone about track lifitng, or history may have been very different...

Curent Operations

Currently, the railway can run up to 4 trains at any one time, with trains passing at Kingsford and Togton.

Further to this, there is a daily shuttle service between Kingsford and Foxton Halt, using either a GWR Railcar, or 2 GWR coaches in top-and-tail with either the line's Pannier Tank, Class 0F, BR Steam Shunter or Southern Steam Shunter. On busy days, the Railcar often pulls the coaches as a tail load, with one of the shunters on the other end to allow a return trip.

On any 1 operating day, it is possible to see most of the line's locos in operation. Trains will haul both demo goods and passenger trains, with 1 of the 4 trains being either our Modern Demo Goods or our Heritage Demo Goods.

Amongst all this modt visitors will be able to see our residient Class 66 showing off it's strength on trains typical of those seen on the mainline today - an experience NOT to be missed!

The TMD at Kingsford, with the Virgin Trains rake in attendance. The Blue/Grey Mk1s are stabled behind the depot.
The main station building at Kingsford, built from the metcalfe country station kit.

Kingsford Station

The centre of operations is at Kingsford, with the TMD, Carriage Restoration Sheds and the Carriage sidings being there.