Trains:Fan Fiction Policy

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This is the formal Train Spotting World policy for the creation and editing of Fan Fiction.

The policy is simple, and deals with format and with content:


  1. The name of every article that is Fan Fiction shall start with the prefix FanFic:
    (NB - there is no space between FanFic: and the article name proper.)
  2. {{FanFic}} shall be placed as the first item in every Fan Fiction article
  3. All Fan Fiction articles shall be included in Category:Fan fiction, or (where available) an appropriate sub-category.
  4. {{DEFAULTSORT}} shall be used to ensure correct sort order in categorisation.
    (Example: The article name is FanFic:Article name, the magic word is deployed as {{DEFAULTSORT:Article name}}, where the colon is important, the case of the magic word DEFAULTSORT is important, and the prefix FanFic: is removed.


  1. Wikilinks to "real" articles may be freely included in Fan Fiction articles. (A "real" article is any article that is not Fan Fiction.)
  2. Wikilinks to 'FanFic:' articles should normally be avoided in "real" articles. However, where included, it shall be made totally clear in the source article that the link is to Fan Fiction. This includes any templates that link to both "real" and Fan Fiction articles.
  3. The language used in any fiction created, while it should be natural, will not contain any profanities, nor will it contain profanities disguised by characters such as but not limited to "*". An exception is where an entire word is replaced by a mixture of characters, such as "@!%&!" where one may as easily assume a shriek of surprise as a real word.
  4. The subject matter of fan fiction based on series aimed at children (for example, Thomas and Friends) should be suitable for the target audience of that series. ('Adult' topics are not welcome on any Spotting World page, but this fan fiction is likely to attract a particularly young readership, so much greater care should be exercised.)
  5. Where challenging topics for young children such as death are included, these shall be handled with great sensitivity commensurate with the anticipated age of the child reading the particular story. Death is not to be avoided, but it is to be treated correctly (according to community consensus here).

Policy Modifications

This policy may be modified from time to time by Train Spotting World administrators.

Discussions for any modification shall take place on the talk page of this policy.