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Blocking should be seen as a measure to protect TSW and its community, and not as a punishment. Blocks can only be issued by sysops, who are approved by the community at Trains:RfA. All users should receive at least one warning before being blocked unless the user is a blatant vandal-only user, in which case a swift block may be necessary to prevent further damage to TSW. The following are only guidelines as this is a community. The actual implementation of the block is down to the common sense and discretion of the sysops and/or the community.


At any time, users should assume good faith. Remember that new users are not fully aware of policies and generally how things work at TSW. Such users should be assisted and users should make an effort to help them contribute constructively. If it is clear that the user is trying to disrupt TSW, a warning should be issued before any blocks are implemented, unless -- as described above -- a swift block is necessary to prevent further damage.


In any conflicts between users, blocking should be a last resort. The users should first attempt to solve the dispute themselves and should then consult the community if that fails. The community should work to resolve the dispute and not to judge the dispute or wikilawyer. See the recommended steps at Trains:Dispute resolution.


In the case of incivility, users should work to advise the user on how to be civil. Please also try to see the situation from the other user's point of view. Perhaps the user is distressed in some way. Remember that online it is hard to tell if a person is being civil or not as you cannot see facial expressions or hear their tone of voice. Users should be reminded of this. Blocks should be avoided in these cases as this is likely to simply aggravate the user further. However a block may be implemented if it is deemed by the community that the user is simply being disruptive and breaking community spirit.