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Where to begin, for the best fishing and rail viewing, Lake Decatur has probably the best, especially if you are in the upper basin facing the south, near Ferries Park's Boat launch and landing, if the park is still there, but you will get a fantastic view from the lake of the Norfolk Southern operating on the old Wabash Triple Arched Concrete Bridge, which rises off the lake nearly 75 feet or more. This is a Double Tracked Bridge, with a single maintenance road between the tracks, so you will see at times short trains crossing infront of larger trains, or MOW trucks running back and forth. The view from the North side of the bridge, you will also notice 6 huge concrete blocks and a causeway infront of the Norfolk Southern's bridge, those are the remains of the old Illinois Terminal Electrified Traction System's Bridge, that paralelled the Wabash. It was a steel bridge that was demoed back in the early 60's, but the concrete was left for all times. From the north end of the middle basin, or just south of this bridge, you will get another breathtaking view of this giant concrete structure, as from a boat this bridge is huge. From the lower Middle Basin, you will see another Railroad Bridge crossing Lake Decatur, that is the old Baltimore & Ohio Tracks that the CSX is now operating on. It is a Steel Bridge, roughly 20 feet off the water spanning 300 feet across the lake, and traffic there is not as active as the Norfolk Southern's Bridge, but the fishing along side and under the bridge is good during the summer months. And if you are in the lower main basin, near the dam, you should be able to see the old Illinois Central Bridge, it is a steel bridge, supported by concrete pillars that crosses the Sangamon River, over the original Old Lake Decatur, as the newer lake is 30 feet higher. This bridge stands a good 100 feet over the river, as best viewed if you drive over Highway 51 North or South on the Bridge, looking to the west, you will see this bridge. Lake Decatur is full of Large Mouth and Small Mouth Bass, some as large as 15 pound, in the large mouth catigory, 5 pound for small mouth, Crappie, Blue Gills, Perch, Shad, Carp, Catfish, Snapping Turtles, and Water Moccissins. The Turtles and Snakes are usually in the Sangamon River or the Creeks that flow into the lake, so if you stay in the main body of the lake, you shouldn't run into them. If you fish at night, don't be using a latern, as the light draws the snakes into your boat, if fishing from a boat that's low in the water. Beyond that, the fishing is always good, better eating fish are found in the upper basins, FYI, so catch and release what you get in the middle and lower basins. And if you get a chance, walk across the viaduct that crosses the Norfolk Southern Yards, as it is a sight you will never forget. Rob Tille

<googlemap lat="39.83385" lon="-88.888664"> 39.845054, -88.894672, Lake Decatur </googlemap>

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