Slough & Windsor Rly Soc - Railwayana Auction

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21st December 2007

The SWRS Miscellaneous and Railwayana Auction is intended to raise money for Society funds: for the upkeep of our steam loco Slough Estates No. 3 and our historic meeting place, The Manor.

The idea is that members bring along items for the Society to auction, and bid for items brought along by others. Auction lots are not restricted to 'railwayana' (which includes books, videos, DVDs, models, etc), practically anything related to transport is welcome (plane and bus items often appear, for example). Indeed, almost anything that will sell would do: tools, electrical goods, DIY stuff, has all been seen over the years. But railwayana is preferred!

The evening is open to non-members as usual, but you should be aware that it is one of the few evenings which are more geared towards existing members than the general public. (The 'banter' between auctioneer and punters is particularly member-centric, and is what makes the evening so enjoyable -- on top of the chance of grabbing a bargain!)

The auction will start at 20:00 at The Manor, adjacent to Slough Station. (Members usually start gathering from 19:30.)

Please Note - the usual entrance fee to cover the running costs of The Manor still applies, in addition to any auction lots you donate.

For further details, and 'how to get there', please see the Slough & Windsor Railway Society page. (SWRS)