River Mite

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River Mite
Wheel Arrangement 2-8-2
Year of Origin 1966
Designer Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway Preservation Society
Builder Clarksons
Length 22' 6"
Livery Indian Red
Status Under-going frames/chassis overhaul

The second River Mite was constructed in the 1960s by Clarksons of York, and is owned by the R&ER Preservation Society. It was launched into service in 1967 and has proved to be very reliable. Its wheel arrangement is a 2-8-2 tender engine.

The Poultney steam tender from River Esk was used in its construction, and the new boiler and cylinders were also based on that engine. The engine was transported to Ravenglass by traction engine, and it made history.

A new boiler was fitted in 2002 and is now away for a major overhaul at TMA Engineering (the builders of Douglas Ferreira) although will return in late spring of 2007.

The livery of the engine has always been Furness Railway Indian Red with vermillion and black lining.