Mersey Docks and Harbour Company

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The Mersey Docks and Harbour Company (MDHC) is the current incarnation of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board which itself had replaced Liverpool Dock Trustees who had run the docks since 1780.

The Mersey Docks and Harbour Board took over running of the Liverpool Docks, England, from the Trustees in 1858.

At one point the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company railway totalled 104 miles (166 km) of line, with connections to many other railways. A section of the line ran, unsegregated from other road traffic, along the dock road. Today only the Canada Dock Branch is used. It also operated large quarries at Creetown [1]

In 1972 the Board was reconstituted as a company to allow it to raise money for new building initiatives and projects, including the new container dock at Seaforth.

MDHC owns, amongst other facilities, Cammel Laird Shipyard, and Tranmere Oil Terminal.

The MDHC was accused of "Macho Management" by the Financial Times regarding its treatment of some its staff, which resulted in Liverpool Dockers' Strike. In recent years the safety record of the MDHC has worsened.

On 22 September, 2005, MDHC was acquired by Peel Ports, part of the property and transport group, Peel Holdings, which also owns Liverpool John Lennon Airport.


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