Grayrigg RAIB preliminary report

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1. At approximately 20:15 hrs on 23 February 2007 the 17:15 hrs Virgin Pendolino train from London to Glasgow derailed near Grayrigg in Cumbria (figure 1). Following its derailment the train travelled a further 600 metres and came to rest on the side of the railway embankment.

2. One passenger suffered fatal injuries; 22 further persons on board the train, including the driver, were taken to hospital with injuries. At the time of publication of this report, five of those persons remain in hospital and three are in critical condition. A significant number of others were walking wounded and received first aid on site.

3. The current focus of the RAIB’s investigation relates to the condition of the Lambrigg 2B points at the site of the derailment. Indications are that these points were the immediate cause of the derailment. No evidence has been found to date that indicates the driving of the train, the condition of the train or the signalling control system contributed to the accident.


Rail Accident Investigation Bureau (2007-02-26). Train Derailment at Grayrigg, Cumbria, 23 February 2007 (pdf).

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