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Hello! I'm Sodorologist! (Sodorology, of course, being the study of Sodor.) I LOVE Thomas, and try to help out as much as possible. I do a lot of minor edits and updates.

Pages Created

Favorite Engines

  • 1. Duck
  • 2. Thomas
  • 3. Rosie
  • 4. Hiro
  • 5. Victor
  • 6. Stanley
  • 7. Gordon
  • 8. Kevin
  • 9. Wilbert
  • 10. Duke

Other Favorites

  • Favorite Season: Season Four
  • Favorite Narrator: George Carlin
  • Favorite Special: The Great Discovery/Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  • Favorite Locomotive Class: Tie between LB&SC L Class and N&W J Class.

A Note on Global Railways Productions

Global Railways Productions is created by me, not some guy taking credit for my work, and is an entirely fictional company that produces my fanfiction series. For those not quite smart enough to catch on (and I would sincerely hpe none of you are, and that you already know this), Matthias Stanier-Gresley is my alias, althoguh I certainly would like to found my own company and produce Thomas stories.

Pet Peeves

Note to Reader: Here, I'm going to be complaining about everything I think is wrong with Thomas the tank engine/its fan fictions. If this kind of stuff annoys you, you should just skip this section altogether.

The TV Series

  • They didn't uses RWS characters like Wilbert, Mike, Bert, Rex, Victoria . . .
  • Childishness of the stories.
  • Character Makeovers. (Case in Point: Edward. Also Percy, Sir Handel, Skarloey, Rheneas . . .)
  • Changing History (Who the heck is Fearless Freddie?!)

Fan Fictions

  • Bad Grammar. (THOmas Wen tto he fatory).
  • Too Many Characters (Thomas and Jim- Who is Jim?)
  • Plagiarism- You know who you are.
  • Excess Anthropomorphism - This is just me, but I find that human series or overly humanized series destroy the idea of Thomas. They're trains. You want to make a human series, make up your own characters.

Other Notes

  • Has anyone besides me ever noticed that Oliver's them (which first played in the episode "Escape") is really similar to the theme from The Great Escape?
  • Thomas Wooden Railway Rules!
  • CGI is okay.
  • So are individual voices, except that they killed off 90% of the characters outside of the Steam Team.